Join the Cesar Chavez Foundation for “A Legacy of Service,” a new virtual series bringing together experts, thought leaders, and activists to learn about the values Cesar Chavez epitomized as a way to inspire others to take action. These pre-recorded conversations are available online and available to everyone.

“A Legacy of Service” premieres here on Cesar Chavez Day, March 31. Join Cesar Chavez Foundation President Paul Chavez and UFW President Teresa Romero in conversation as they discuss Cesar Chavez’s bold vision for a strong farmworkers’ union as well as services that would support that union by building communities up beyond the workplace. Learn about Cesar’s ambitious vision, and how half a century later, the lasting and ongoing effects of his work continue to transcend even his original aim.

Premiering March 31, 2021: Paul Chavez In Conversation with Teresa Romero 

Join us in encouraging our community, friends, and family members to learn more about Cesar Chavez’s legacy. #legacyofservice.