Education Fund

The Cesar Chavez Education Fund (CCEF) is dedicated to building a just society through education. It is focused on transforming the lives of youth and seniors through enrichment and education. The Education Fund is comprised of three departments — Academic Services, Community Services, and Senior Services — and directly serves and works to impact approximately 5,000 school-aged students, adults and seniors each year. Our goal has been to transform our educational system by contributing through our various funds high-quality programs to Latinos, working families and their children.

CCEF increases educational opportunities for students who can benefit from additional academic and enrichment services to achieve a high level of learning. CCEF focuses on practical educational instruction and products for K-12 students. The services are coordinated and designed to supplement education without replicating existing school instruction. We take a holistic approach, where in addition to academics, we have a strong focus on service learning to build character.

Our flagship afterschool programming at the Si Se Puede learning centers, housed on our residential properties, help youth both complete their homework and build problem-solving skills, reducing barriers that many of their parents face, including language and education.

CCEF also developed The PepsiCo Cesar Chavez Latino Scholarship Fund. Through this program, qualified students of Latino descent who are beginning or continuing their studies at higher educational institutions in Arizona and California, have received over $500,000 in scholarship awards. To learn more about the PepsiCo Cesar Chavez Latino Scholarship Fund or apply,click here.

Through our Si Se Puede senior centers onsite at our residential properties, we enable resident seniors to be active both mentally and physically. We use a holistic approach that encompasses health, recreation, social and education themes, empowering older people from diverse backgrounds to develop joyful, healthful, meaningful lives.

Highlights from our work:

  • 22 Si Se Puede Learning Centers serving children across 4 states and senior programs in 8 different locations
  • $500,000 awarded in scholarships from 2011-2014; $800,000 by 2023
  • Over 20,000 students served in more than 150 school districts


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Real education should consist of drawing the goodness and the best out of our own students. What better books can there be than the book of humanity?

– Cesar Chavez