The Education Fund develops and pilots new programs with a focus on culturally and linguistically responsive instruction, ranging from curricula and professional development to summer and after-school programs. 

Nearly 50,000 students and thousands of educators across California have benefitted from our Cesar Chavez Foundation educational programs, and we are consistently piloting new programs in partnership with local communities in service of our mission to develop students’ hearts and minds.

Areas of Focus:

After-School Stem

Transitional Kindergarten

Summer Learning Program (Math)

Teaching Certification

Our Current Pilots Programs:

  • After-school Program Curricula and Training
  • TK Teacher Professional Development
  • Summer Learning Program (Math)
  • Teaching Certification in SEL and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Key Features:

  • Project-based unit culminating in student presentations
  • ELA/ELD Common Core State Standards-aligned (CCSS), measured on pre-/post-writing task
  • SEL and Social Justice competencies pre-/post-survey
  • Initial training and ongoing virtual support from CCF instructional team
  • Fully managed instructional program is taught by culturally competent credentialed teachers

To find out more or inquire about partnering with us on one of our pilots, please visit the Contact Us page and select Innovation/Pilots.

The TK curriculum is not just about learning their 1, 2, 3s, but also about affirming and sharing students’ own wealth of knowledge they bring to school.

- Katie Clark, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment at Para Los Ninos