Teresa Chavez Delgado

Huelgista blood flows in Teresa Chavez Delgado’s veins from both sides of her family. Her maternal grandfather was Cesar Chavez. Her paternal grandfather was Manuel Delgado, an early United Farm Workers member and original 1965 Delano grape striker. Teresa was arrested at age 4 with her family for picketing at a Detroit supermarket in the snow while organizing the grape boycott in 1974. She worked at the Mexican Heritage Plaza in San Jose and at the National Chavez Center, creating initial exhibits for what is now the Visitor Center at the Cesar E. Chavez National Monument at Keene. Since 2010, she has been a classroom early education educator and administrator at a center in Sunnyvale. There, she teaches children about fairness, critical thinking, the obligations of citizenship, and advocating for others. Teresa has been a lifelong activist with the farm worker movement and other worthy causes.