Raised in the farm worker movement his grandfather founded, Anthony grew up participating in United Farm Workers’ marches, picket lines, and political campaigns. Since high school he’s spoken around the country about the movement’s legacy while advocating for service learning and an education of the heart. The political trail captured his attention, including campaigning for President Obama’s 2008 drive in Colorado, serving as campaign manager during a successful Phoenix city council contest and interning in Sacramento with one of California’s most prominent political strategists. Anthony spent his twenties serving as travel assistant and executive assistant to Benedictine Brother David Steindl-Rast, world-renowned author, lecturer, and interreligious pioneer, during his national and international tours. Most recently, he’s been working on educational justice issues working for nearly five years with The Education Trust–West championing equity reforms for low-income students of color as well as at XQ Institute while focusing on re-thinking and re-designing the America’s high schools. He a leader in the Latino Community Foundation’s giving circle network and has served on the Gratefulness.org board and as an adviser to both the Fredrick Douglas Family Initiative and the President’s Advisory Council at Character.org.

Anthony earned a B.A. degree in religious studies at California State University, Bakersfield and completed the San Francisco-based Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs.