The Cesar Chavez Foundation Education Fund
The Future is Ours!
We believe in education and we believe in the power it holds for our future. Cesar Chavez once said, "You cannot un-educate the person who learns to read . . . . We have seen the future and the future is ours." The future is ours, or more aptly, the future is our children. This belief is central to why we offer a program that focuses on the essentials of student development--health, confidence and intellect. One day, our students will look back to the days they were enrolled in our program and remember how they dreamed of becoming a lawyer, a doctor, a fireman, a nurse, an artist--and feel the accomplishment of reaching those dreams.

A smart kid is also a healthy kid! We take the child obesity epidemic seriously! We incorporate physical activities through the week! Zumba, soccer, yoga, touch football and many more muscle challenges are lined up for our students. And how do we fuel these busy bodies? With lots of water and a small, calorie-mindful snack. You are sure to notice the difference when your child comes home--smart and fit! 

It Starts With a Question
Problem solving is key to every persons  success and the best time to learn how to be a great solver of challenges is when you are a student. Through the use of the award winning strategy, SOLE-Student Organized Learning Environment. Students are given an opportunity to use technology to solve and  discover! Now that is learning in the 21st century!

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