Hello Friends,

We hope this message finds you safe and healthy as we move into the holiday season. As we reflect upon the challenges the past 20 months have brought to people around the world, we are in awe of the hard work and accomplishments that have taken place in the face of adversity. We are thankful for the essential workers in our lives who have worked tirelessly to keep our communities safe, fed, and moving forward. 
Many of the individuals whose contributions may seem overlooked are acknowledged and commended ever so intentionally in this season of thanksgiving. We honor the struggles and relentless, overarching perseverance that has been a source of hope and light during these unprecedented times. These stories continue to motivate and drive the work of the Cesar Chavez Foundation. For these individuals and their innumerable sacrifices, we are truly grateful.  
Thank you for your continued commitment to inspiring and transforming communities. 


Paul F. Chavez, President
Cesar Chavez Foundation