Tanis Ybarra, Secretary Treasurer United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO,  tybarra@chavezfoundation.org 

United Farm Workers Secretary-Treasurer Tanis Ybarra is a native of Texas who as a child, worked as a migrant farm worker in Fresno County, Calif. A U.S. Marine Corps veteran, he served in Vietnam. In 1973, Ybarra, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in education as well as a teaching credential from California State University, Sacramento. He also completed graduate work in public administration from the University of San Francisco.

Ybarra started volunteering with the UFW in 1970 and began full time work with the union after graduating from college.

Since then he has organized farm workers, negotiated and administer UFW contracts and coordinated numerous farm labor strikes. He is a veteran of countless UFW legislative and political campaigns in both rural and major urban cities.

He also managed partnership programs between the union and growers under UFW contract and played a key role in developing the model partnership between the union and Bear Creek Corp. (Jackson & Perkins), the nation's largest rose producer located in Kern County, Calif.

Besides his duties as UFW's secretary-treasurer, its second-highest officer, Ybarra also manages the union's Development Fund.

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