The Cesar E. Chavez 10-Month Curriculum was designed and produced by the Cesar Chavez Foundation, Youth Service California, California Volunteers, and the Corporation for National and Community Service. This curriculum will be used for our 10 month character building activities. The monthly units are comprised by the following core values: acceptance of all people, a preference to help the neediest, innovation, celebrating community, non-violence, sacrifice, determination, respect for life and the environment, knowledge, and service to others. 
Cesar E. Chavez: A legacy of service

Cesar E. Chavez was an ordinary man with an extraordinary legacy of great accomplishment and service to humanity. While he is best known for his lifelong effort to found and lead the first enduring farm workers union in U.S. history, the significance and impact of his life transcends any one cause or struggle. He forged a legacy of service, conviction and principled leadership that serves as a beacon for all Americans.

Effective Afterschool Components: Well-aligned with Youth Service
A highly regarded summary of research prepared by the National Research Council in 2002, identified seven key components of successful afterschool programs:
1) physical and psychological safety
2) appropriate structure
3) supportive relationships
4) opportunities to belong
5) positive social norms
6) support for efficacy and mattering
7) opportunities for skill building
This study found that when these seven features are
in place, they have benefits in four areas:

* Physical - good health habits and avoiding risks

* Intellectual - life skills and school success

* Psychological & Emotional - coping skills, self, efficacy, responsibility and pro-social values

* Social - connectedness to others
and institutions, and civic engagement
This Service Club initiative provides an opportunity to develop an afterschool program that not only contains these key features, but one that is also particularly well suited to motivating and engaging middle school age students as they develop more awareness of the world around them and shape their values about community.
Cesar E. Chavez Service Clubs: Honoring the life and values of Cesar E. Chavez
Service Clubs provide middle school students with the opportunity to learn about the life and values of Cesar Chavez, to examine the needs of their local community, to choose specific needs to address, and to plan and implement service projects that address those needs. Special attention will be paid to service that helps alleviate poverty. On March 31st, Cesar Chavez Day, students will play an important role in the local community's commemoration of Cesar Chavez.

Youth Service: Benefits to students, schools and communities
Even with the growing demands for school accountability and student performance standards, youth service has become an expected norm for young people in California. The reason is simple: youth service works. It contributes to academic success, reinforces civic responsibility, develops young people and builds stronger communities. The Service Clubs offer Title I middle schools an excellent opportunity to reap these benefits for their students, their school, and their community.

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