Improving Academic Proficiency

The mission of the Education Fund of the Cesar Chavez Foundation is to improve the level of academic proficiency among farm workers, Latinos and other working families by providing educational opportunities that have never been within their reach. Through our services, the retention rates and drop-out rates of under performing students will decrease dramatically, and the college-going rates will increase by statistically-significant and measurable percentage. Under the aegis of the Cesar Chavez Education Institute, these services will become available and accessible to learners from PK-20.
The Education Institute is committed to supporting its mission by:

 Producing the education products and services that most effectively address the needs of our students.

Employing highly qualified faculty and staff who are personally dedicated to the communities we serve and the core values we espouse.

Securing continuity of products and services through fiscally responsible, self-sustaining, and economically viable program management.

Holding firmly to the legacy of Cesar Chavez and the Farm Worker Movement from who we gain our strength and inspiration.

For more information on the Cesar Chavez Foundation Education Institute, please email us at or call
(559) 443-0100.

For employment opportunities with the Education Fund, email the Human Resource Department at


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