Radio Campesina Educational Programming
Novel programming approach. Radio Campesina's mission of improving the social and economic welfare of the Latino community is accomplished through a unique combination of programming that features popular regional Mexican music, up-to-the-minute reporting of vital issues or live coverage of events, lively interactive talk shows on topical subjects with call- and write-in formats, short daily educational productions, on-air promotions and community events attended by hundreds of thousands of people. Such educational programming educates and encourages active community participation among audience members. It has helped enable the network to build a unique relationship with 500,000 loyal daily listeners who are mostly recent immigrants from Mexico and Central America between 25 and 49 years of age.

 Lively interactive talk shows. These programs directly inform and motivate the Latino audience to be aware and involved in the civic, social and political affairs of their communities.
 "Despierta Ya Campesino!"("Wake Up Farm Worker!")
Monday-Friday, 5-6 a.m. (6-7 a.m. in Yuma) (5-6 a.m. Daylight Savings Season); not in Phoenix)
 Hosted by Irma Castillo, this program, aired during farm worker morning drive time, is dedicated to helping agricultural workers understand and exercise their rights under the law at both the workplace and in the community, keeping them abreast of legislative and regularly reform efforts, and offering a forum where they can air grievances and be directed to assistance in remedying them. It also reports on victories and progress that show change is possible.
"Despierta Ya Campesino!"  helps farm workers understand the law and know what kind of rights they have - now they can use the law to be respected in their industry; and how to respond to calls to action. The show serves as an outlet, a voice of the voiceless among working people.
"Punto de Vista" ("Point of View")
Monday-Friday, 10:30 a.m.- 11 a.m. (9:30-10 a.m. Daylight Savings Season)
The legacy of Radio Campesina founder Cesar Chavez continues through community empowerment over Radio Campesina. Listeners are supplied with information and education on contemporary issues directly and indirectly affecting them. The host, Karlioppy Romero (Karlioppy is Spanish for carrousel), uses her lively and engaging style celebrating freedom of speech and expression to interview guests who are professional experts on a variety of vital topics, all to help largely immigrant audience members adapt to their new country. Shows make direct contact with people on consumer rights, education, immigration, health, politics and community affairs. People come to understand how civic involvement and use of services can improve their lives. Listeners's concerns, questions and comments are solicited via phone lines, email and Facebook.
 Monthly promotions. Each month, Radio Campesina network and local DJs at every radio station use exciting on-air promotions to help engage and educate audiences with giveaways featuring a wide array of gift cards and prizes plus professional service and family recreation packages. There are also popular soccer team jerseys, airline tickets and passes to special events and performances. Giveaways frequently include quizzing listeners about current affairs and reporting on topical issues or events that were just discussed on the air - from hot political topics to songs that were just played.
 See a listing of on-air promotions offered each month by Radio Campesina DJs on the network website. 
 Daily educational vignettes. Each weekday, Radio Campesina broadcasts 60-second special educational productions on important topics for the Latino community. Subjects range from culture, history and health to politics, civic education and current interests and events. These 60-second spots run 10 times a day (each of two daily vignettes run five times in the course of a day). Ten different productions are broadcast each week. On weekends, the network produces one 60-second vignette that summarizes all 10 that ran during the weekdays.
 High-quality professional productions using experts' narratives, music and special sound effects lead listeners into the subject matter so they more effectively impart important information and touch the audience's consciences. They aim to create consciousness among listeners and inspire them to take action. Telephone numbers or websites are provided on most topics so people can obtain further information or assistance.
 Radio Campesina stations also host 30-second "Historias de Si Se Puede!" ("Histories of Yes We Can!"), testimonials from real people about how these immigrants came to this country, became successful and now serve as role models for listeners who are working hard to get ahead too. Subjects include business and community leaders, students and stories about musical groups that appear on the stations. "Historias de Si Se Puede!" runs Mondays through Sundays, seven days a week and 10 times a day.
 Listen to this month's 60-second Spanish-language educational productions on the Radio Campesina network website. 
 Efemerides (special days) segments. With a audience largely composed of both immigrant and first-generation Latinos, there are many things the newly arrived don't know about American traditions. Similarly, many U.S.-born Radio Campesina listeners don't know much about Mexican traditions. Efemerides (on this day) are special 30-second commemorative segments on events or personalities impacting society locally and around the world. They include educational shorts aired in advance of special holiday celebrations, anniversaries or days of remembrance. Just a few examples are celebrating U.S. Presidents Day, commemorating Cesar Chavez's 25-day 1968 fast rededicating the farm worker movement to nonviolence and honoring International Women's Day. 

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