M.O.C.H.A. (Manager, Owner, Consultant, Helper, Approver)
syndicated musical, news and educational programming reaching one million loyal daily listeners in Arizona, California, Washington state, Oregon and across the international border into northern Mexico. Radio Campesina is ranked among the top radio stations in each of its markets
Wide reach across the West

Radio Campesina is syndicated over four states from the Pacific Northwest to the other side of the Mexican border.
 Blanketing California's great Central Valley from Grapevine in the south to north of Fresno and from the west valley to the eastern Sierra foothills in what is the country's largest farming region.

 Covering the lengthy Salinas Valley from the rolling wine grape vineyards at the southern end of Monterey County to the rich strawberry and vegetable fields and sprawling nurseries in parts of the Pajaro Valley around Watsonville.
 Broadcasting into the Valley of the Sun out of Phoenix, Arizona, one of the largest metropolitan regions in the U.S. and the flashpoint of the current charged immigration debate.
 Reaching into the Yuma Valley and Colorado River Valley around Parker, Arizona as well as the adjoining eastern Imperial Valley in California and northern portions of the Mexican states of Sonora and Baja California around San Luis Rio Colorado and Mexicali.
 Covering the lower Columbia Basin of Washington state and the fertile farm country of northeastern Oregon




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