Cesar Chavez's legacy and values continue to be shared by the Chavez foundation through the duel roles of the National Chavez Center:
 - Promoting, preserving and managing the sprawling facilities at Nuestra Senora Reina de La Paz (Our Lady Queen of Peace) in Keene, Calif., La Paz for short.
 - Carrying out the work of preserving and promoting the legacy of Cesar Chavez.
A place to learn and be inspired.
Set on 187 acres amid oaks and spectacular rock outcroppings in California's Tehachapi Mountains, the National Chavez Center at La Paz in Keene is where Cesar lived and labored during his last quarter century. It was his spiritual harbor, removed from often bitter struggles in the fields and cities. Here he worked, strategized and planned.
With easy access just off the Hwy. 58 freeway, there is the 7,000 square foot Visitor Center with large exhibit galleries, including Cesar's carefully preserved office and library, and the beautiful Memorial Gardens around his grave site. On the north portion of the grounds stands the recently renovated Villa La Paz, a sprawling world-class conference and educational center in the restored 17,000-sq. ft. mission-style structure where Cesar held community gatherings and meetings with movement leaders. Villa La Paz now hosts space, resources and capacity building for civic, business, community and other organizations to meet and plan in the shadow of Cesar's legacy.
Also in the mountain hamlet of Keene, at the Hwy. 58 exit, is the historic Keene Cafe, owned and operated by the National Chavez Center. Dating back to 1920, the Keene Cafe delicious breakfast and lunch offerings attract regulars from surrounding communities and cattle ranches in the Tehachapi Mountains and the southern Central Valley as well as visitors to the National Chavez Center and railroad buffs on their way to the nearby world-renowned 19th Century Tehachapi Loop.
Carrying on the legacy. Preserving and promoting Cesar Chavez's legacy is undertaken by the Chavez foundation by educating the public through its popular Speakers Bureau, by coordinating commemorations and working with those honoring the farm labor and civil rights leader in their local communities, by working with professionals producing books, articles and films about Cesar and the movement, and by preserving his intellectual property rights and handling licensing requests.

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