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Online Publications 
The History of "Si Se Puede!"
From Dolores Hurta's lips to our history books, read how this rallying call came to be.
Veterans from the 1965 Delano Grape Strike marked the occasion with a two day reunion in Delano and La Paz 
From: 40th anniversary of the Delano Grape Strike two day reunion in Delano, CA, September 2005  Cesar Chavez backed hard workers regardless of their immigrant status. 
An overview of John Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath" and its link to Cesar Chavez. 
Curriculum created following California's 2000 Cesar Chavez Holiday Law.  President Obama signs proclamation honoring Cesar Chavez, designating March 31st as Cesar Chavez Day.  Keeping the legacy alive with the help of the United States Postal Service.

Cesar E. Chavez National Monument 
It might be the 398th National Park site, but it is the 1st to be devoted to a contemporary Latin American.

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