Cesar Chavez Foundation: ‘Resist morally reprehensible DACA repeal’

Cesar Chavez Foundation President Paul F. Chavez issued the following statement from the foundation’s Keene, Calif. headquarters:
"Cesar Chavez began a movement to empower some of the hardest-working and most abused people in this nation, and help them nonviolently battle prejudice and exploitation at both the workplace and in the community. That movement helped empower and inspire millions of Americans from all walks of life to resist bigotry and injustice in every part of America. President Trump’s rescinding of DACA would devastate 800,000 Dreamers and their families that will be torn apart, and subject to deportation young people who have only contributed to their country. We call upon all decent people to resist this morally reprehensible act.
“The Dreamers and all of us who are committed to them should not lose heart or be demoralized. Let us remember the lesson from my father’s example, that you only lose when you stop fighting.”


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