One-year anniversary of Helen F. Chavez’s passing

June 6 marks the first anniversary since the passing of Helen Fabela Chavez, a humble young woman from Delano who joined her husband, Cesar Chavez, in starting to build the farm worker movement and whose fierce determination helped change the lives of thousands of farm workers and millions of others who were inspired by their cause. In his eulogy for his mother, Paul F. Chavez, president of the Cesar Chavez Foundation, said:

My brothers and sisters and I take offense at the notion that behind every great man is a strong woman. Helen Chavez never stood behind my father—
she stood by his side, and sometimes even in front. In 1962, my mom and dad together made that fateful decision to give up their comfortable life, to move back to Delano and return to the fields. They knew there would be no paycheck—and a lot of sacrifice. And that she would have to go back to working in the fields—along with the older kids—to feed the family and buy gas so my father could organize. "We had nothing to begin with anyways,” my mom said, "so what do we got to lose?"


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